Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Life Storybook

                                               1. make a new layer 3000x3000 72ppi your sky photo and crop out the bottom part (the ground)by selecting the sky with the rectangle tool and then in the select tab click invert then right click the image then go up to edit then click cut
 3. after you crop out the bottom ,make a new layer then place it below the sky layer then right click the sky layer and click merge down ,then scale the image to fit the whole canvas

4.after that open the wood table photo ,after it opens right click and add alpha channel ,then add a new layer then ,palce it under the table layer and right click the table layer then merge down
5. scale (or duplicate and move) the table layer to fit perfectly with the sky layer
6. after the scale ,move the table layer under the sky layer next save the file as story book.xcf and place it with your pics the only reason being these photos are really big (fucking huge) so it makes gimp run mega slow .
7. save then open the book photo , choose the paths tool and get to work cutting it out ,i will also post the image precut out for you convince
8. open your image your going to use for the scene (or story) for the books pages , im using a ocean seen crop out the sky
9.i pre cut a image to fit the pages so open that and select alpha to selection and place your scene photo on top then in the selection tab click invert then right click the canvas and go up to edit then click cut and bam you got your own story page layer
10. open all of the images and the .xcf file with the background (sky+wood table) and place the photos the way you like
11. merge down your sceen layer with the book layer, then resize the like so

12. make a new layer under the book photo and then select the piant brush tool ,large to medium size and select a fuzzy brush (color black ) and start making the shadow (optipcy at 35

13.then make a new layer above the book and and use the brush to add darkness to the pages were going to go to filters>distrort>iwarp ,this part is hard :( gimp has a small preview window iward downward into the books crease to make it look more realistic select the burn set the mode to burn at 10.00 brush size full optipcy and the go around the edges of the book and the crease in the middle . and im done you can add a element like a tree or a boat to add more to it . ctrl+m merge and your done 


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