Monday, January 17, 2011

How to make a metal outline 3D text effect with Gimp

The screenshots will be posted tomorrow.(:
But here are the Instructions on how to do it
Hope you'll like it :)

1. File/New
Image size 600 by 400 pixels
or however image size you like.

2. Change your Background Color to Black
Set you're Foreground Color to what ever color you may want

3. Get your Blend Tool and change the Shape 
To Radial.

4. Click on the middle of the Canvas and drag
it to one of the corners.

5. Make a new layer
for this next step use a pattern 
Grab you're bucket fill tool ( make sure that the fill
type is on pattern fill) 

6. Set the layer mode to Soft Light
and lower the Opacity to 50 or 60 %.

7. Click on the Text tool make sure the Foreground
Color is white the Size 160 or more it depends on you
and choose the Font of you're choice.
Type in you're text.

8. Get the Alignment tool
and change the  relative to: Image
now click on you're image and press the 
click the 2 middle ones to center you're text.

9. Go ahead and select rectangle tool,
Right click on you're text layer/ Alpha to selection 
and add a new layer.

10. Go to Select/Grow, and grow it by 10 
make sure that the foreground color is black
change the fill type to FG color Fill.
and fill in you're selection with black
on the new layer.

11.Make a new layer change your back ground color
to medium gray:808080

12. Get out you're blend tool and change the mode
to Linear.

13. Alpha to select the black layer then click on 
the new layer and click the bottom and drag up.

14.Then right click on the Text layer
Alpha to selection.

15. Go back to you're new layer with the gradient
then Select/grow, grow by 2 pixels press ok
then press Delete  on you're keyboard.

16. Alpha to selection on the gradient layer 

17. Add a new layer change you're foreground
color to white and you're background
color to Dark Gray:404040

18. Grab your blend tool, using the same settings click on 
it and drag it down.

19. Go to Select/ Shrink by 1 pixel
press the Delete key to delete the rest of you're

20. Select/None
Set the Opacity to 60%.

21. Go back to the black layer and 
Duplicated twice 
on the bottoms 2 layers click on the chain button.
click on one of the layer and get
the move tool make sure that is checked
on the active layer.

22. Click on you're image use the 
down arrow key to move the 2 layers
down, move down like about 9 to 13 pixels.
(it would give it the 3d effect look)
then un check the 2 chains
make sure that the bottom layer is selected.

23. Then go to Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur
and Blur it by 10 pixels.
you should still have the move tool selected 
click on the image again and move it down a couple
of pixels like 5 and set the layer opacity down to 80%.
24. Then select you're text layer and move it
3 layers up click on the text layer image
use the move tool, click on the layer, use the arrow down key
and move the text layer down by 3 pixels.
25. Make a new layer above everything else
26. Alpha to selection on the Gradient layer
click on the new layer.
27.Grab the Rectangle Select tool put the mode
to Intersect,
drag the rectangle and select half of the text 
Horizontally, to finalize the selection click
inside the rectangle.
28. Grab you're blend tool 
make sure that the foreground color is still white
use the gradient tool FG white to transparent
and drag it straight up.
29. Select none.
and there you go as shown below this is the 
medal 3D text effect. 
hope you enjoyed it
ill have the screenshots  soon
bookmark and enjoy.


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