Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to make a great pattern :) a new canvas at 12x12 or 12x6 ,small so the pattern can be made quickly and look pretty good :)

2. make a new layer
3. zoom in real close
4.make sqaure selection on your new layer and select the blend tool ,leave the color on white and black

 5. with the blend tool make a downward line starting from the top hold ctrl to make a straight line draw the line all the way to the bottom but stop one pixel ffom the bottom of the selection :)
 6. duplicate the layer and select you flip tool ,on the tool options change the mode to vertical
 7.and filp your duplicated layer but remeber before to select none so it will filp to the bottom of the canvas and not filp inside the selection
 8.after merge those layers down by right clicking the top layer and clicking merge down
 9.after that duplicate the newly merged layer and with your filp tool set on horizontal flip it to look like so.
 10.then make a new layer and another square selection like so
 11.with your bucket tool set on fg color black and fill in the selection
 12.ctrl+m to merge all and set it on clipped to botttom layer and save with the extesion .pat for pattern and place in your gimp pattern folder for linux its homefolder>gimp.2.6>pattern and for windows its C:// program files>gimp.2.6>2.0>gimp>2.0>share>patterns i think :) im not to sure for windows ill check soon after you place your patternclick the refresh botton and enjoy you new pattern on a much bigger canvas ,perfect for text backgrounds .just make a gradient layer and a layer with your pattern ,place the pattern on top set the layer mode as multiyply and duplicate the pattern layer and BAM perfect background for your text effects :) enjoy and bookmark


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