Thursday, December 30, 2010

soon to come....

Tomorrow is big day for us here at color2alpha ,we will be releasing 4 tutorials ,i know "wow..." but not just the basic stuff like placing GBR files .Bigger and cooler than any of that stuff .we will be making a tut on how to color your hand drawn scanned in images ,the easy way something i had to come up with myself ,because ive yet to find a tutorial explaining how to do so. so thats one of our exclusive tuts being featured tomorrow. number 2 will be my vector sunset that will surely show off you new found gimp skills ,also including a how to on how to make a vector night sky .number three for you iphone and ipod touch owners a tut on how to make your web 2.0 kinda wallpaper .number 4 is a....special new thing im still working out the kinks on but it will be great for all. :) so ctrl+d and enjoy the site .please take the time to like our facebook page and retweet us with the lil gadget under the resources box , thanks for you time we appreciate it :)


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