Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to add Fonts to Gimp in Windows!!

 First Download the fonts from one of the Links on the side Dafont.

                             1. Go to Start/My Documents/Downloads folder and look for the
                                                         zip folder that you download ,
                            Double click on that it would look like this shown on the image below.
                                                       2. Drag the font to your Desktop or extract it to your
                                                       Desktop how ever you want, it should look like
                                                              that like the image below.
                                       3. After you've done that go to the Start menu/ Control Panel.
                                                     4. Click on Appearances and themes.
                                                      5. When your on Appearances and Themes
                                                            on the side where it says "see also"
                                                           you should see the fonts folder double click on it.
                                                          6. Since you font file is on your Desktop
                                                            click on it and drag it to the fonts folder
                                                          it save automatically and just close it. :)
7.and you could go ahead and open up gimp to make sure its there
and there you go thats how my text looks
thank you bookmark and enjoy!!!!


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