Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to add gbr files to gimp in windows...

 This is a tutorial for extracting and placing a .gbr files into gimp.. (gbr=gimp brushes)
You can downloads the brushes from one of the links on the side ===>
                                                          1. Go to Start and Documents

2.Click on Documents and go to your downloads folder
                                        3.When your at your downloads folder look for the zip file
                                            you downloaded, Double click on it.
                                                        4. It should look like this...if you have
                                                        5.You could extract it to you Desktop
                                                          or you could highlight it and drag it to your
                                                           desktop thats what i did..
                                                         6.as you can see..
                                                        7.After that go to Start again
                                                            and click on my computer
                                                         8. Go to system (c:) double click
                                                          9. Go to Program Files
                                                          10. look for gimp 2.0 file click on it
                                                         11. go to the share folder
                                                         12. Double Click on the Gimp folder
                                                         13. click on the 2.0 folder
                                                           14. you will see the brushes folder
                                                              double click that..
                                                           15. Highlight that gimp brushes
                                                             that are in you Desktop,
                                                           and drag then into the brushes folder.
16. As you can see the brushes are in the folder
close the folder and just go to gimp..
And there you go.. Enjoy and have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

It's important to mention that if gimp is open you must restart it for the new brushes to appear, at least in Windows XP.

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