Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the resources available through us :)

1. Dafont - is a font site with every font you could possibly want, the is based on being free everything there is free and no signup required ,will we feature a tutorial on how to place these fonts into linux,and windows later to day :) and how to use them with gimp to create great artwork based around letters. Which later will have a tutorial for
2. Get paid - link is for you who have your own blog and want to make some extra money by placing a small banner or large one ,on your site ,for every click you get a drop in the bucket after you gain 150 bucks you can choose the option of them sending a check to your house or a direct deposit to your paypal ,so give it click and see what you could be making with no effort :) and for every one you refer you get 70 bucks :) so click it for us please 
3. Gimp brushes - is a link to search from the site deviant art and it has about 8000 brush packs to choose from .will be featuring a tutorial on how to make your own brushes through gimp or with a hand drawn picture and a scanner.
4. Gimpology- is a great free tutorial site with alot of content ,its the first place we go after finishing a tutorial here, we will post our links there to get some extra views and to spread the word about our new site :) o if you have a moment to spare ,go to our new facebook page and like it please =<^-^>=
5. Stock.xchng - is probably our best resource because that is the site where you can get the best free stock images out there just signup and bam you can download some of the biggest stock photos out there ,perfect for our upcoming photo manipulation tutorials :)
6. The Gimp - last but never least is the program gimp it is the tool in witch you can do all these wonderful things in so if your new to the gimp scene go there first and get it :) thank for taking some of your time to read this ,now go gimp it up :)       


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